Say Sue Me – Korindie Bootlegs #4

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I first met Say Sue Me by the pool table in the Basement Pub. The roof was really low, and it was filled with a mix Busan’s seemingly taller than average foreign community, and, well, an unusable pool table. Say Sue Me were chilling on top/to the side of it, having a few too many drinks for having released an album last year called “We’ve Sobered Up”. I pushed through the lanks of b-ballian proportions to slap hands. Jelly from Angle administered the proceedings, and I became cool to to get up in their honest-to-godly* untoxicated faces.

Jelly’s a lot like me. He tells me he always tells people how they can expand. Sometimes, I suspect he’s even relevant (jk). Not so much that night (nk).**

Say Sue Me
Say Sue Me

Sumi told me to make her look pretty, looked at my camera, took a sip, and laughed. It was one of those well played lines that was a joke and a jab to everyone in the conversation at the same time.


최수미 (Choi Sumi) – Vocals and Guitar

They went on first. I lodged the audio recorder in the ceiling and got ready.

They sounded good. I don’t write about music, so just listen to it yourself and then apply some words what with you were thinking and then put it in the comments for all to see. I can tell you this though, the crowd was way into them, and I felt like I wanted to go surfing afterwards.

강세민 (Kang Semin) - Drums
강세민 (Kang Semin) – Drums

I think I gotta spend more time at the beach. Anyone down for Gwangalli this summer?

*I don’t believe in that dude. Come now.

**You were off point, but you’re still awesome. Get at me if you read this. Nothing but respect (and gentle ribbing). Let’s talk about the future.

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