Vidulgi OoyoO – Korindie Bootlegs #5

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Henry (of Demos fame) was rushing me through the door. I don’t remember which door, but that’s not the point. The point is that Henry doesn’t rush unless it’s for chicken wings or there’s super cool tricked out van sliding down the road.

I don’t think he ever got the strangers-with-candy talk.

이종석 - Guitar, Vocals
이종석 (Lee Jongseok) – Guitar and Vocals

“Look, we can’t be late. They don’t play that often, and I need to see them,” he said pushing me through the door, my laces still in the process of being fumbled with.

We were heading to Club Bbang, you know, that place with the spray painted white heart on the wall. We hung out a bit with the usual outside musicians and randoms hangers-by for which we somehow miraculously had time for before heading down and grabbing a seat.

Bbang is a sit down joint. It’s a little weird. It works though. It’s cozy.

I guess if you haven’t seen Vidulgi live, the best way to describe their presence is something along the lines of being an absolute wall of sound. Like, you’re sitting in the crowd, and you’ve been forced to belly flop onto the hardest lake water in existence, while trying to keep yourself from falling down a flight of stairs, while celebrating your 18th (21st if you’re American) birthday with actual friends.

That hair.
차상훈 (Cha Sanghoon) – Bass

Actually, Sanghoon and Jongseok once stopped me from falling down a flight of stairs. I was busy emphatically describing how they were like a wall of sound, when I almost fell back down the stairs to some basement club I can never remember the name of, but I want to say Smokies? Or maybe something with a Q? I think it had a yellow sign with black text, that made me feel like New York in the 70s. (Yes, the whole city.)

(Baekmaites, it was the place where you partied after the album release that time, remember? Little help?)

Dudes didn’t hesitate and caught me on the precipice of camerical destruction, pulled me up and brushed me off. Solid dudes. So solid. I appreciate still having my kidneys (and my lens) every day.

In Thought
이용준 (Lee Yongjun) – Drums

Right, carrying on. The show. My mind was blown in an entirely non-Upworthy way. I’d never really heard anything shoegazey or proggy live before. Eye-opening. So much sound from so little. Every note is perfect. The only way to experience it though is to get right up to the front and attack the beast head on. It takes a lot of intricate timing and pedicular madness that’s really interesting to see.

한예솔 (Han Yesol) – Guitar and Vocals

So good. Give this a lookilisten when you done with the tracks above.


So good.

Oh, and the wall of sound thing is real. I could actually feel the inner pieces of my ear moving during one set. I had severe tinnitus for three days. Ear plugs at Daiso, 1000 won for six are a life saver.

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