eeeho – Korindie Bootlegs #7

eeeho - Through the window
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Moonshine is a wonderful, welcoming establishment that still feels like a friend’s apartment. It’s a place to sit, relax, get a drink, grab some grub, to get a tattoo. All the good things, all the good things. It also has a red-orange disco ball. Mesmerizing.

Most likely due to it’s aforementioned eclecticity, took a only few minutes to convert its second floor balcony into it’s new form as an impromptu stage for the evening’s acts which consisted of TC Costello, the ranting accordionsmith, Henry Demos, the man with the gams, and eeeho, who I had not yet met. (Foreshadowing. I met her. She’s nice.)


It was one of those nights that started out with everyone being quiet and introspective, where we were all secretly wishing it was raining. Oh, and that there was a fireplace, and everyone was in wooly sweaters. Maybe it was just me. The privileged 10 or so people there found a comfortable chair and relaxed, staring at each other an smiling verse to verse, talking with eeeho and each other between songs. It was oddly comforting, like the 50s, but for everyone.

Look. It’s Christmas, and I’m just off a turkey coma, from having actual turkey on Christmas for the first time since I moved to Asia, or maybe last year, and I’m listening to 50s baby boomer Christmas songs.

I may be a somewhat unreliable narrator at this point, but let me say that you and I should hang at Moonshine sometime, or maybe an eeeho show. You’ll see the good. And you know I ain’t steered you wrong yet.

Unfortunately though, my recorder, being used to live shows with excessive amplification, slightly underperformed for this session, but with headphones, in a quiet room with a fireplace, maybe while it’s raining outside, I think you can capture the mood decently enough.

I’m going to turn this on and let it help me sleep off this turkey.

Pentasonic – Korindie Bootlegs #6

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So, last week or so I’m at the Thunderhorse, a place I’ve been to on a few occasions, and yet I wouldn’t necessarily say that I was familiar with. For those of you not familiar with Seoul (I’ve heard some of you still exist), it’s the still living/breathing manifestation of some time-honoured tradition that I haven’t fully been initiated into yet. Yeah, I’m pulling shit out of my ass, but they’re awesome, and you should go see more of what they’re up to over at Daehanmindecline,

But, in a not-pulling-shit-out-of-my-ass sort of way, I brought up a good point. Good work, me. Even though Korindie has been hob-knobling with the upper-to-under crust of the reportedly small Korean indie scene, it’s been mostly the in the Hongdae/Sangsu areas, and not in Itaewon, the other driving force for indie music in the city. Itaewon is mostly known for clubbing, but there is a vibrant hip hop scene, some jazz and some rock as well, from what I can find out through the grapevine.

Seriously though. Yo, Itaewon, how do I get up in you? Where’s all this Freedom I’ve been hearing about?

What? Don’t look at me like that. We all know where you’ve been. Sigh. Look, I didn’t mean it. Just let me in, baby.

Jiho Chang – Keyboards

At this opportune moment, I’d like to mention our newest bootlegees, Pentasonic, who have only four members for some reason. They were playing after the headliner, Maggie Crossett (go buy her new album), which is a tough sell for a lot of bands. Everyone is tired, half the people are getting ready to leave, or are passed out on the floor/stage somewhere. You really need to have some high energy to keep people going.

Dudes got the energy you need. Put that in a way that doesn’t sound creepy. Does it sound creepier now? Fuck.

Jun Bae – Bass Guitar

Seriously though, high energy is what they guys have. I don’t write about music, despite having a site dedicated to music, but I can honestly say that they knew how to keep a crowd happy at the end of the night, which is no minor skill. With the personal embarrassment aside of having a music site without knowing anything about music, I’d like to get to what’s really important, the idea of wearing a Star Wars shirt while singing a song about Star Trek. Just look below.

Ben Akers – Vocals & Guitar

I really want to talk about this. Not only does the Star Wars shirt match his guitar (check above to confirm), which gets him like 10 points right there, he sings about Star Trek, like two weeks before the release of Episode 7, just to get all the hardcore Star Wars fans riled up proper. That’s gotta 10 extra points like right there. Risking your life, but no pain no gain, my friends.

If you’re reading this on unencrypted wi-fi you may notice some angry nerds around you. Don’t panic. Just be calm, listen to Pentasonic as you cover yourself in their innards, and then walk slowly among them to safety.

Alex Hodges - Drums
Alex Hodges – Drums

So are you convinced yet? Give another listen to the bootlegs, and then go buy their studio album. You’ll thank me later, unless you’re a Star Wars/Trek fan, in which case, the correct answer is Red Dwarf, and you can all get bent.

Edit: Here’s a video from the night!