Les Sales – Korindie Bootlegs #15

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Les Sales says “we hate capitalism. We love shopping.” So true dudes. So true. I’d be all for getting rid of capitalism completely if 80s American-throw-back school PSA-type videos hadn’t convinced me I’d end up being dressed in corduroy overalls living in the back of a Karakalpakstani rubber boot factory for the rest of my rapidly decreasing years.

Jinmin Hwang – Vocals, Guitar

So compared to that, or at least compared to the fear of that, I’ll be okay with watching other people buy 7,000 won lattes after spending 6,000 won on a plate of 제육 for now. Or maybe going to a Les Sales show. Dudes, when are you playing again? It’s been forever and shit. Like, seriously, 6 months or so. Reach out.

#capitalism #foodstagram #ihatemylife #ilovestarwars

I don’t know that Les Sales actually sings about capitalism. I mean there are really only two songs I know the name of, one is called “I’m telling you I love everyone” or “I mean I love everyone” or something like that, and the other is called Star Wars. I guess Star Wars does have some sort of economic themes. I mean the Empire was all about gathering resources and building these floating increasingly-gigantic-yet-increasingly-easy-to-destoy orbs of metal and crap.

Lee Donghoon – Bass, Vocals

Like three times is enough dude. You done got blowed up three times. Let it go. Let it go. I’m a horrible role female role model. Let it go~~~

Come to think of it, I really don’t think anyone got paid for their work. I mean the Viceroy got paid with a beating, but maybe that’s not a good representation the true spirit of capitalism? Maybe I should ask my nearest libertarian. They totally seem to have a completely solid grasp of human nature and the societal actions on a global scale while also having an excellent chance of winning the sweepstakes in November.

#change2016 #youmayhavealreadywon #sellyourchildrennow

Maybe they were talking about the other Star Wars. Hmm.

Kim Jieun – Drums, Vocals

But yeah, Star Wars. That song really gets a crowd moving. Not as much as the time that frat house next to my old apartment played Jump Around by House of Pain and cracked their foundations, but close.  Here’s a video of a different song though. I’m always too busy shakin’ it to film.

So, that’s Les Sales. I hope you learned something. I sure did. Here’s a dude who was playing in the show that night, but I don’t remember his name because he’s not in the band anymore and all I can remember is the fact that he said he would hit me for some reason but he might have been joking. I think he was joking.

I can’t be expected to remember everything. Come now.

Oh, here’s an actual video of Star Wars, from back in the day when they had a different singer. Just dance.