Korindie Berlin Update Week #1

First thing, Berlin is amazing. Well, zeroth thing, Korindie is in Berlin for like a frickin’ month.

Second thing, there’s no bootleg audio yet, but I’m hopeful for next week. This doesn’t mean I don’t have anything at all. Here’s the update from my first week in Berlin. Yeah, it’s taking a while to process everything.

Last Saturday, one quarter of Rough Cuts and I were drunk as fuck in Kreuzberg. I mean, I didn’t mean to be drunk as fuck in Kreuzberg, but it’s not a name you can respectably name drop sober. So yeah, drunk as fuck, we stumbled into Wild at Heart to see some Oi Punk. The venue told me to not take any photos, but who the fuck listens to authority in a punk club? So I took some photos (and pulled a bunch of videos from YouTube to sub in for Bandcamp content).

Vorsicht Stufe
Vorsicht Stufe

Unrelated video?


I’ve never been a punk fan, but fuck me was Vorsicht Stufe ever fun. The place was packed full at 30 people, and everyone was doing this screaming call and response with the band. Fuck me if I know what they were saying but it sounded like “something in German” so that’s what I screamed. Drank with the band and fans after the show. Met some Irish dudes, we had absinthe, and well… I’m not sure what happened after that. I think we got a kebab and gave the Görlitzer Bahn-huffers something to laugh at.

Well, they kinda needed it anyway. It can’t be fun selling skunk to fucking tourists at the train station.

Sunday, in the piercing brightness of the mid-afternoon, we took a stroll through Mauer Park, where everyone comes to do everything. Some Koreans laughed at my Baekma shirt, and then they laughed more when I explained it. (Win!) The park has a lot of buskers, like The Legendary Strawberry Man, with his frickin awesome modified didgeridoo. I mean look at this shit.

The Legendary Strawberry Man
The Legendary Strawberry Man

Another unrelated video?

Like, how does that thing even work?

There are also acts that seem to be booked by the park, like Ann Jangle and Maurizio Presidente. Just rock up and listen. (Yes, I know that’s how it normally works, but I needed an extra sentence. Or two.)

Ann Jangle
Ann Jangle

Yet another unrelated video!??


Maurizio Presidente
Maurizio Presidente

You guessed it…

It’s a crazy good time. There’s even an idol-esque karaoke competition with like 400 or so people watching in the crazy bright sun.

Aight, so that’s all the music I saw last week. I’ve already seen another bunch of bands, so I got some links to be checkin. See ya next week!

Qu – Korindie Japan Bootlegs #1

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=903467046 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]


Woo-hoo! Korindie has gone international! International like small local airport that has one charter flight a year to Havana sort of international, but two countries is indeed greater than one, and here we are, sweet internationality.

DISCLOSURE: We thought about Japindie for a while…but we decided to go with Korindie Japan. I know, it’s confusing. Just work with me on this one okay? We can’t be like ‘ndie-ing every country we visit. (Yes, there will be more countries!)

Right, so Korindie went to Japan last weekend, and we caught up with the wonderful Qu, who were playing along with Nice Legs in Kyoto.


Okay, so first impressions. The lead vocalist/beatboxer, dresses like a fucking Japanese rock god. Dude is on point with the style. I don’t got a shot of his footwear, but he was rocking those Japanese toed socks that matched his yukata/pantsuit awesomeness.

On. Point.

マツヤマシンヤ – Bass

The second thing about Qu is hair. They got the hair game down. You got long straight hair, long curly hair, and short hair. The band is perfectly hair-balanced. It’s like when you’re playing Ice Hockey (not to be confused with ice hockey), and you pick two normal dudes, the big slow dude, and the small fast dude, for perfect team balance. They’re Japanese. They’ve thought this thing through.

yone – Guitar

And of course there’s music. But we don’t talk about music at Korindie. If we were to talk about music, we’d say it was refreshing to hear beatboxing instead of straight vocals all the time. But we’re not going to say that, because we don’t talk about music. We’d also say some other things with actual music terms. That is also not happening.

GINE – Beatbox and Vocals

Also, the drummer is on point, with or without the beatboxing, on point. He drummed with Nice Legs a bit after his set. Looked like he was going to collapse, but did it up proper for like two whole sets. And then we got drunk. It was great.

みさきまさゆき- Drums

Aight, so basically, we need to find a way to get these guys to come to Korea. They need to come to Korea. Dudes, 是非、韓国に来てください。ベール買ってあげる。

So cool.