Tallulah Bankhead – Korindie Bootlegs #19

Holy crap it’s been a while. And, no excuses, it’s going to be a while still. But my fellow lookilisteners, this was too good to sit on for more than a month. I have for you today, Tallulah Bankhead. And they sound good yo. Mudaeruk doing it up.

Right. Tallulah Bankhead. The name confused me. I thought it was some weird southern thing that the two Canadians in the band just shrugged and moved on with. No idea who she was. I’m kinda dumb. I still don’t get the name. I’m still kinda dumb.

This band is like the best of many worlds for me. Adam Brennan is intense as fuck and he brings that on stage. I love talking with him because it’s always right in the moment with whoever he’s with. It’s amazing. Go talk with him sometime. I mean. He might not like me getting people to talk to him, but he hates the Internet, he’ll never read this. Grey Watson brings a whole lot of southern charm and all that musical history that comes with it. Patrick Walsh beats them drums like a step-headed mule. It’s magical.

I ain’t gonna say much more. Just listen. We’ll be back at some point, but now ain’t it. (Can’t stop short of 20 can we?)

Here’s some shots from the show. Thanks to Kim Doei for the projection!

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