Tallulah Bankhead – Korindie Bootlegs #19

Holy crap it’s been a while. And, no excuses, it’s going to be a while still. But my fellow lookilisteners, this was too good to sit on for more than a month. I have for you today, Tallulah Bankhead. And they sound good yo. Mudaeruk doing it up.

Right. Tallulah Bankhead. The name confused me. I thought it was some weird southern thing that the two Canadians in the band just shrugged and moved on with. No idea who she was. I’m kinda dumb. I still don’t get the name. I’m still kinda dumb.

This band is like the best of many worlds for me. Adam Brennan is intense as fuck and he brings that on stage. I love talking with him because it’s always right in the moment with whoever he’s with. It’s amazing. Go talk with him sometime. I mean. He might not like me getting people to talk to him, but he hates the Internet, he’ll never read this. Grey Watson brings a whole lot of southern charm and all that musical history that comes with it. Patrick Walsh beats them drums like a step-headed mule. It’s magical.

I ain’t gonna say much more. Just listen. We’ll be back at some point, but now ain’t it. (Can’t stop short of 20 can we?)

Here’s some shots from the show. Thanks to Kim Doei for the projection!

Juck Juck Grunzie – Korindie Bootlegs #18

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=3265941490 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]

Juck Juck Grunzie is a great band that you would totally expect to have a final show if they were breaking up, because that’s what bands with loyal fans do for said fans when they call it quits. Right? That’s. What. Bands. Do.


Juck Juck Grunzie


If you know the members of Juck Juck personally, in which case you could do me a favour to politely remind them that they owe us a final show. But, I digress. We at Korindie don’t talk about music, or genres, or … umm… time signatures?… but we do talk people. And these people are ace, excluding the whole final show biz. Super cool, relatable, and yet mad cool on stage.

Nowdays, Ahreum is somewhere in Canada, doing Canadian things, like learning how to skidoo a toque, and make moose pie, and everyone else is here in Seoul, but working on different projects. None of those projects however involve GETTING ME A FINAL FUCKING SHOW.




Gawd, I am really bitter about that. I mean, I should be thankful for having seen them 5-6 times at different venues. For screaming along with PSYCHO PSYCHO and whatnot. But I can’t get over it. I want a final show.

Okay so here’s the deal. Here’s what I’m all about. Ahreum, next time you come back to visit the motherland, everyone gotta get together and put on a show. Like at Strange Fruit or something. Something cozy and cool for like 50 of your bestest friends and me.

Deal? Deal.


Tirikilatops – Korindie Bootlegs #17

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=1566236687 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]

Okay dino-dudes. It’s time to get around the old Korindie shack and let Unky Dug tell you a tale that is as old as time. Sit down by the warming glow of the Lite-brite and listen as I tell you about the legendary Tirikilatops. Old man winter comin’, and he gonna want them pegs back soon enough, and I’m running out of black paper.

Those dinos are mekkin it.

So, one day, good old Unky Dug was walking himself down to the old local DGBD to wish his old-timey friend Ali a Happy Birthday, which was the style at the time. Ali decided to get all 17 of his bands and some of his friends together to put on a good old show.

Oh, the crowds were thick that day in the basement of the ol’ DGBD. The dust, a mile thick if it were an inch were getting kicked about like little allergenic ballerinas it were. They’d hit the light just right, and you’d sneeze out such a beautiful sight they called it Corey.


Now, my grandmother used to say, “Either you’re onion rich or you’re onion poor.” I don’t know what she thought about peanuts though, but I thought of her as the band went through the crowd giving everyone chestnuts or single undried unshelled peanuts as birthday gifts. Ali, on account of it actually being his birthday also got a pony, and some balloons, which he promptly, yet accidentally, popped from a distance of 10 yards. Well done, Ali. Wali.


Sometimes, I think I could make the music like I used to could, but I can’t. So, I go to shows. Like this show. This was a show. It was the bestest birthday ever. Well, it was supposedly the second birthday ever, but no one thinks the first one ever happened.

Do you?

Nihon Falcons – Korindie Bootlegs #16

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=4125716092 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]

Yay! We’re back and some jazz. I’ve totally just shaved off my summer beard, and I’m ready to tackle all that tasks to be tackled in this mid-fall season. It’s like the Super Bowl up in here, but for productivity, and with less grunting and slightly (ever so slightly) less homoerotic undertones.

I know what the people want. They want bootlegs. And carnival rides. I can provide the bootlegs. You can get your own carnival rides. I’m not Brazil.

Nihon Falcons

So, Nihon Falcons. Let’s get down to brass instruments. There are none. But they have a cello, some drums and a frankenbass. That’s better.

Faithful lookilisteners will have noticed Jonathon Jacobson of Tierpark, and formerly Nice Legs on drums, and Henry Demos, of Henry Demos, and currently Nice Legs on frankenbass. On the left however, with his brand new hashtag on this site is George Durham, from Monoban and a few other places. He also makes some mean meats.

That is not a euphemism for them forming a intercoursical threesome together. George actually smokes his own meats. That is not a euphemism for masturbation, either, which I cannot confirm or disavow. He makes like pastrami and pates. They’re excellent. When he has a barbecue, I always am the grill master so I can be by the goods when they’re perfectly done. That and so I can remember what it’s like to live again.

They’re good meats. They have not yet made me cry myself to sleep like the rest of my life choices.

George Durham – Cello

We don’t need to go into details about that. Or anything. It’s not like this site every talks about music. That would be ridiculous. I can say though, in the briefest of terms that this seems to be a good combination. Jon and Henry’s history and improv skills work well with the vibe of the cello subbing in for a real bass. Melodic. Oh yeah and Henry screams a lot. Harkens back to the olden days.

I still file my tax returns in green. Suck it bitches.

Jonathan Jacobson – Drums

I got a tax return, too. Like yesterday from 2012. It took the gubmint 3 years to tell me I was getting it. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but I don’t see me getting no interest on my 170,000 won over the last fourish years. Or even like a sick pair of boots.

Henry has homemade bellbottoms. I enjoyed them, kinda like how I enjoy those cured meats. We should all get some meats. (I am not currently a paid advertiser for said sweet-delicious-yet-not-actually-sweetmeats-meats, but I’m hoping to sink the deal with this one. Sinking is when you win right?

Henry Demos – Vox, Frankenbass

I need a nap. I’m tired and my feet hurt. Get off my lawn.

Qu – Korindie Japan Bootlegs #1

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=903467046 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]


Woo-hoo! Korindie has gone international! International like small local airport that has one charter flight a year to Havana sort of international, but two countries is indeed greater than one, and here we are, sweet internationality.

DISCLOSURE: We thought about Japindie for a while…but we decided to go with Korindie Japan. I know, it’s confusing. Just work with me on this one okay? We can’t be like ‘ndie-ing every country we visit. (Yes, there will be more countries!)

Right, so Korindie went to Japan last weekend, and we caught up with the wonderful Qu, who were playing along with Nice Legs in Kyoto.


Okay, so first impressions. The lead vocalist/beatboxer, dresses like a fucking Japanese rock god. Dude is on point with the style. I don’t got a shot of his footwear, but he was rocking those Japanese toed socks that matched his yukata/pantsuit awesomeness.

On. Point.

マツヤマシンヤ – Bass

The second thing about Qu is hair. They got the hair game down. You got long straight hair, long curly hair, and short hair. The band is perfectly hair-balanced. It’s like when you’re playing Ice Hockey (not to be confused with ice hockey), and you pick two normal dudes, the big slow dude, and the small fast dude, for perfect team balance. They’re Japanese. They’ve thought this thing through.

yone – Guitar

And of course there’s music. But we don’t talk about music at Korindie. If we were to talk about music, we’d say it was refreshing to hear beatboxing instead of straight vocals all the time. But we’re not going to say that, because we don’t talk about music. We’d also say some other things with actual music terms. That is also not happening.

GINE – Beatbox and Vocals

Also, the drummer is on point, with or without the beatboxing, on point. He drummed with Nice Legs a bit after his set. Looked like he was going to collapse, but did it up proper for like two whole sets. And then we got drunk. It was great.

みさきまさゆき- Drums

Aight, so basically, we need to find a way to get these guys to come to Korea. They need to come to Korea. Dudes, 是非、韓国に来てください。ベール買ってあげる。

So cool.

Les Sales – Korindie Bootlegs #15

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=3669828807 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]


Les Sales says “we hate capitalism. We love shopping.” So true dudes. So true. I’d be all for getting rid of capitalism completely if 80s American-throw-back school PSA-type videos hadn’t convinced me I’d end up being dressed in corduroy overalls living in the back of a Karakalpakstani rubber boot factory for the rest of my rapidly decreasing years.

Jinmin Hwang – Vocals, Guitar

So compared to that, or at least compared to the fear of that, I’ll be okay with watching other people buy 7,000 won lattes after spending 6,000 won on a plate of 제육 for now. Or maybe going to a Les Sales show. Dudes, when are you playing again? It’s been forever and shit. Like, seriously, 6 months or so. Reach out.

#capitalism #foodstagram #ihatemylife #ilovestarwars

I don’t know that Les Sales actually sings about capitalism. I mean there are really only two songs I know the name of, one is called “I’m telling you I love everyone” or “I mean I love everyone” or something like that, and the other is called Star Wars. I guess Star Wars does have some sort of economic themes. I mean the Empire was all about gathering resources and building these floating increasingly-gigantic-yet-increasingly-easy-to-destoy orbs of metal and crap.

Lee Donghoon – Bass, Vocals

Like three times is enough dude. You done got blowed up three times. Let it go. Let it go. I’m a horrible role female role model. Let it go~~~

Come to think of it, I really don’t think anyone got paid for their work. I mean the Viceroy got paid with a beating, but maybe that’s not a good representation the true spirit of capitalism? Maybe I should ask my nearest libertarian. They totally seem to have a completely solid grasp of human nature and the societal actions on a global scale while also having an excellent chance of winning the sweepstakes in November.

#change2016 #youmayhavealreadywon #sellyourchildrennow

Maybe they were talking about the other Star Wars. Hmm.

Kim Jieun – Drums, Vocals

But yeah, Star Wars. That song really gets a crowd moving. Not as much as the time that frat house next to my old apartment played Jump Around by House of Pain and cracked their foundations, but close.  Here’s a video of a different song though. I’m always too busy shakin’ it to film.

So, that’s Les Sales. I hope you learned something. I sure did. Here’s a dude who was playing in the show that night, but I don’t remember his name because he’s not in the band anymore and all I can remember is the fact that he said he would hit me for some reason but he might have been joking. I think he was joking.

I can’t be expected to remember everything. Come now.

Oh, here’s an actual video of Star Wars, from back in the day when they had a different singer. Just dance.

Grey Watson and the Warm Jets – Korindie Bootlegs #14

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=365763154 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]

Here at Korindie, we’re nothing if we aren’t honest. And here’s the honest truth. I thought that Grey was touring with a revamped version of Henry Demos‘ old band Watersports at first. So, here I am, in the front row in nothing but a funnel gag and a leather harness… and all of a sudden I’M the weird one. The front rows DID NOT get wet. Zero out of five golden whips of shame.

The club floor is supposed to be a judgment-free zone.

Grey Watson
Grey Watson – Vocals, Guitar

Without the waterworks, they still put on a pretty good (yet vanilla ㅠㅠ) show, as I’m sure you can tell from the above recording for which I expertly pressed record and then stop. Grey, formerly (and kinda currently?) of the Killer Drones, played from his new album, and all were enthralled. Except the person who stood directly under the fucking microphone and talked about tequila all night. I think I was able to cut most of it out, but seriously dude, whoever the fuck you are, it’s fucking tequila, stick a fucking worm in some vodka and you’re done.


So Grey has like this new album, but he needs people to play it. For some reason, he decided to get a bunch of nice, decent people, and then name them the Warm Jets. The Warm Jets. How else could anyone interpret that? I mean, aside from above. Like, you had a Dyson dryer on bass? I don’t get it. Did these people owe you money? Actually, don’t tell me. Some dark secrets never need to see the light of day. Grey’s a pretty smooth dude though, so it’s probably spy code for something. Or he’s a cult leader?

Oh, grow back that mustache. It was awesome. And spy-like. Hmm. Maybe cult leaderish?

John Wade
John Wade – Bass

Right. The band. John Wade, Grey’s old band mate, also of the Killer Drones, is the guy you call when you want an awesome bassist, but you can’t be outclassed/upstaged by Mike McGrath’s freaking sweet moves. He stands there, plays the licks, and has a good time without bumping into your shit. He always strikes me as the guy who will help you out in a jam, and put up with your choice in recent band names. Also, I think his dog might eat me. Will your dog eat me dude? Like. Don’t let your dog eat me.

Ethan Waddell
Ethan Waddell – Guitar

I’m fully convinced that Ethan Waddell doesn’t have a job. He’s been in like 74 different bands, and subbed for everyone during their allotted hagwon vacation period*. Ethan, how are you supporting yourself? Do these people pay you? Wait… are you in Grey’s mustache cult? Do you have Stockholm syndrome? Blink twice for yes, and once for very yes. We can get you home, Ethan. We can get you home. Mama and Papa Waddell miss you (I guess?), and all your pedals.

BA Wheeler
BA Wheeler – Drums

BA, or Brad is another one of those people that’s like in every band that needs a drummer anywhere in the city. And he operates a recording studio. And he manages the Barberettes. Brad, I want to know your secrets. All your secrets. It takes me 2 hours to open a web browser and write a shitty article. GIVE ME YOUR SECRETS OF SPACE AND TIME.

Whatever. It’s cool. I can just live with a 16 hour day like the rest of us. Sniff.

Okay, enough shit. Grey, right now is in France, pretending to be bourgeoisie, or Spain, pretending to be..umm… some Spanish word I don’t fully understand. I’m not jealous. He’s touring for his new album. Sigh. I wish I was in their cult. I’d have something to do for 16 hours a day. And maybe I could get me some paella.

Grey, bring me back some paella. I’ll pay you back in cult dues.

*For those of you not in the know, it’s two days in December, and 8 days at the end of your contract.

Rough Cuts – Korindie Bootlegs #13

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=1649014525 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]


Adversity inspires good music. So when you get four middle class straight white dudes together, umm.. … it’s… umm… hard core? Yeah, hard core. I mean, just look at the name, Rough Cuts.  They’re all rough, tumble and dry, tags off their pillows, coming from the mean streets of Slough, or Staines, or some other disgusting sounding English industrial town that’s not nearly as bad as it sounds, but is still actually bad enough to make you never want to go there. They’re the gristle right next to your choice cuts, and they’re here to get in your face hole and blow you away. I mean just look at this intensity. You wouldn’t want to run into this intense specimen outside of a live hall would you?

Mike McGrath – Vocals, Guitar

Actually, two of them are American, and they don’t really care about blowing you. Found that out the hard way. But, that’s still pretty punk right? Right? Right. Right.*

I’m not going to lie to you. They’re a bunch of right bastards. All rough and no tumble. First off, there’s Tyler (Shelbyville), who doesn’t really know he’s hot, but he kinda knows he’s hot, so he doesn’t how what to do with it yet. He’s that ugly character 80 minutes into an 80s makeover movie, where the character realizes that they can dance and so they finnaly show their inner beauty, which is really their outer beauty, because Hollywood. Tyler, go out there and commandeer some shit. Like… free drinks or something. Then give me some of those free drinks.

Tyler Ryan – Guitar, Vocals

Then there’s Mike (Baekma), who thinks he can’t sing. He’s kinda right, but he’s got some fresh fucking moves, let me tell ya. Like way better than his Baekma days. So fresh. Lately, he’s been spending his time on stage scream-singing (scringing?) a lot about how he’s bad news, and how everything he thinks is dumb. (See Bad News and Everything I Think Is Dumb above.) Then he freaks the fuck out, kinda like that dude from Korn.

That’s the dude from Korn, right? It’s totally him. From the 80s or something.

Whatever, I’m sure it’ll get the chicks one day. The guys from Korn get chicks right? I mean, they’re like 60 now, but I’m sure they’re still cool in Finland or something.

Adam Czelusta – Bass

Adam always seems sad to be playing bass. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a swell dude, but he’s no this. Adam, look at Mike. He’s got sweet moves. Steal his sweet moves, Adam, you know he can’t fight back. He’s got no tumble. Use the tumble. USE THE TUMBLE, ADAM.

Patrick Connor – Drums

Then there’s Patrick. He knows everyone everywhere so I can’t make fun of him. Hello, Patrick. Good day. Jolly good show. (Oh, who are we kidding, he can’t read this. He’s a drummer.)

Yeah, so Rough Cuts. I talked about each one of them in order because that’s totally the most interesting way to write a music blog without talking about music. Listen to the bootlegs, then come out to a show. They’re awesome live. Like, you will feel some awe when you see them.

Oh hey. Video. From earlier. Lookilisten?

*Gotta get them 500 words.


Tierpark – Korindie Bootlegs #12

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=3690567147 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]


Tierpark widely known by Germans for being the German word for zoo. No one can dispute that. Tierparks are places where visitors can witness the heavily ordered stratification of German society, in which humans and even animals, must adhere to the strict boundaries of their placement in life. While to an outsider like yourself, this may seem to be a bit harsh or completely made up, I assure you that this is not the case. In fact, the nature of German zoos can be derived directly from the etymology of the word Tierpark, where tier means tier, or some sort of stratification, and park roughly translates to “place for the storage of accoutrements used in the containing and torturing of innocents for putting them in their rightful place.” My German is a little rusty, but I’m sure you’ve believed every word I’ve said so far.

Sehee Kim – Vocals, Guitar

After reading the above paragraph, you could say that the above is complete bullhornky which has nothing to do with the actual band Tierpark. Mayhaps they’re not some sort of musical sadomasochistic animalistic cult, where Sehee Kim forces everyone to live like zoo animals off stage in some sort of weird bedroom-cum-sty. Look, no one here at Korindie is saying that. That would indeed be ridiculous, and libelous. I’m just saying it’s more of a part-time hobby of theirs, and quite frankly, I’m really upset that no one gives Sehee Kim credit for her ability to be a new mother and lead a band while simultaneously continuing to maintain the world’s first and only prog rock BDSM dungeon.

#femininity #strongwomen #cycleoflife #chokechain

So have you now learned the true meaning of Tierpark? Well, you’re wrong. It’s Christmas. The meaning of Tierpark is Christmas. You’ve all failed. You all get coal in your stockings this year. Like, your regular socks. Your feet will get all dirty. That is the punishment.

Jonathan Jacobson – Guitar

Whatever, look, I’ll give you a pass this time, just because you’ve somehow decided that reading this far was going to be beneficial to you for some reason? Right, back on topic. Tierpark.

Nathan Greenberg – Bass

They’re a band. They’re a band that I like, although I really only know two of the members well, namely Sehee, mentioned above, and Jon, who you may recognize from Visuals, and older Nice Legs joints. With other two, Nathan and Laurent, we do this awkward acknowledgement nod whenever I see them, which I’m not sure if awkward because one of them is vaguely European, or because I always get terrible photos of the other one because he’s always hiding in the shadows on the stage, or because I always flee back to my cave after every show. It’s a tough nut to crack.

Laurent Pereira – Drums

They play music. On Korindie, it has been established that we don’t talk about music. I don’t want to label anything, or be forced to describe anything in weird laboured terms like every other music blog. But, despite this, but I can tell you that their music is what I would refer to as “good.” I hope this label hasn’t ruined your listening experience. Go get the album you whingy bastards.

Whatever. Like, listen to the bootleg, then listen to their new album here. It’s excellent. Have you seen it? It’s like a triangle. It unfolds out into an eagle. Well, I mean you have to unfold it, and then do some origami shit to make it into an eagle, but I’m technically correct or something.


Visuals – Korindie Bootlegs #11

[bandcamp width=350 height=350 album=708068891 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 minimal=true]


Pushing forward through the double digits, Korindie returns this week with Visuals, a new collaborative exploration amongst Ali Safavi (Mountains, Colours, Classy Wallet, Yuppie Killer), Ethan Waddell (Table People, New Blue Death),  and Jonathan Jacobson (Tierpark, Nice Legs) into complicated time signatures and advanced pedalry.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t know what makes them “math,” and I don’t really care. All I know is that Ali has the most angular moves out of anyone in Seoul. I mean look at this.

Visuals - Ali's Sweet Moves
Ali Safavi – Bass, Screaming

Dude is mad nuts all over the place. That’s math right? Angles? Random distributions? Least common denominators? Yeah, it’s all of that mathimess.

I’m glad I’ve finally found a way to put my undergrad degree to use. Mom, I hope your son has done you proud.

By post number 11, you’ve learned not to come here for a music review.* That’s what the rest of the internet is for. No, today I’d like to talk about the band themselves. No, I’m not going to make fun of all the bands that Ali is in again (107 this week and counting!)… aside from this statement. Look, it’s low hanging fruit, Ali. The lowest of hanging fruit.

Visuals - Ethan Waddell
Ethan – Guitar, Pedalry

I’ve seen Visuals three times now. Photos here are from all three shows. The best thing about them is that the band really feels like a collaboration where all three members are well in their element. Ali basswalks all over the stage, Ethan has a million pedals to loop through, and Jon can rip through the fanciest of beats.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not to box each member into a specific role (although Ali could use some of that at times…okay, last one) but for a band with only 4-5 shows under their belt, they got their own shit and each other’s shit handled.

Oh yeah, and Ali screams a lot. That’s my favourite part actually. It kinda goes like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH,” but more gutteral?

The worst thing, for balance, would be that they don’t have enough material yet. Come on boys, write some more shit. You’ve done like 5 shows, you should have an LP or two by now. Get on it.

Visuals - Ali and Jon
Ali (left) and Jon (right) – Bass and Drums

Seriously dudes. Don’t give me that look.

Visuals – That look

Whatever. Look, to tide us all over, here’s a new video from their latest show.

Visuals doesn’t have a Facebook page (yet), but they do 1-2 shows a month around Seoul. Get a hold of me or keep your ear to the Facebook-stone for more info. I’ll update this section if something comes up.

*Unless this is your first time here, in which case, I am very very sorry. So, so very sorry. My condolences.