Mountains – Korindie Bootlegs #1

Ask him about being "on point"
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I don’t like writing about music. Basically, genres, chord progressions and fancy gear talk (with the exception of pedals for some reason) can all get fucked. People tell me Mountains are math rock. I am still unsure as to what that means, but I brought a compass just in case I need it.

I’m going to rock that shit. I got a 91% in calculus once in the 90s, and even got some plaque and everything. I was so proud, I haven’t gone to the dentist since.

Whatever. I do like talking about people though.

Ask him about anything indie.
Ali Safavi – Bass, Vocals

I met Ali outside of Magpie, and immediately judged him based on my perception of his nationality. He didn’t friend me on Facebook for two months after this, but then we had a talk and I realized you shouldn’t judge people based on where they’re from. Oh, and then a month later he friended me. ‪#‎victory‬. Does this make me look like a racist/classist asshole? Yes. Do I care? … Yes, so very yes. But, this page is about full discretion, and I want you to know what you’re dealing with and I don’t have to be the good guy.

Ask him about being
Andrew Blad – Drums, Vocals

I met Blad outside a show, on the mean streets of Hongdae. He was a bit tipsy, but like the best type of tipsy. Like, the type of tipsy where you meet your wife or your new best friend, or how the ending of that show with Doogie Houser should have been. He’s not 14 anymore, throw the dude a bone. Seriously. Look, I’m not saying this happened between the two of us, but it probably happened to Blad and someone more important that night. It was a wee bit magical like.

Ask him about...Umm... stuff?
Stephen Hazel – Guitar, Vocals

I haven’t really talked to Stephen, but he seems like a stand-up dude. I mean he’s on stage all day and he doesn’t seem to have any knee or leg problems. He’s still young. He’ll learn eventually.

Start exercising before you’re 30 kids, or get married early.


I didn’t get Mountains when I first heard them. Ali would say it was because they weren’t very good, but that’s just because he’s a modest bastard. I first “got” “them” here at this set linked below, where Blad is, in the best muster terminology I can muster “on fucking point”. (Seriously though, don’t talk to me re music, just listen re said music.) Like, people were looking around at each other going, gaddam, how can they be this on point? Ollie will back me up on this.

I didn’t need the compass.

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